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Olive Branch Arts Council Office

Located at:
The Painted Pigeon Art Gallery
9144 Pigeon Roost, Olive Branch

Open: Thursday - Saturday
(12pm - 4pm)

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The Olive Branch Arts Council consist of 11 Board Members and an Executive Director.  The Long Range Plan of the organization continues to be consistent with the mission and goals.  The goals are to be a center for information and resources for artists, art groups, and the public. 

  • We provide creative outlets and opportunities for all ages to experience the arts. 
  • We provided opportunities and promote arts education for all ages. 
  • We provide a showcase for the work of local artists and art students. 
  • We are working towards building the administrative capacity of the Arts Council. 
  • We continue to follow our mission “to promote an appreciation of the arts throughout the Olive Branch Community”.



Each year, the Arts Council plans the activities and events that have been successful. We create new projects that will continue to reach out to all interest of all ages.  We have 11 local schools within Olive Branch to help promote art activities.  Musical and theatrical sponsored events reach out to all ages.  Dance has allowed us to provide a social and healthy environment for our seniors.  Art exhibitions have provided the community a means of art education, as well as promoting our local artists.  Through our programs and newspapers, we have acknowledged the assistance of funding from the Mississippi Arts Commission, which allows the Olive Branch Arts Council to continue to promote an appreciation of the arts throughout the Olive Branch Community.

The 2008 Event Schedule presented a Dessert Theatre, Artisans Revealing Talents Art exhibitions, Photograph Contest, Summer Drama Camp, Taste of New Orleans, and “Expressions in Color” Membership Reception.  We publicized all events through our newsletters, flyers, posters, and local newspapers.  We made donations to art programs in the schools.  We sponsored art contest and family theatre.  We gave art scholarships and discount awards, so that all had the opportunity to participate in our events.  For every event, we keep a record of attendance and evaluate the public’s response.

Without support and additional funding, the Olive Branch Arts Council would not exist.  We receive support from membership, the City of Olive Branch, and the DeSoto County Board of Supervisors to help with funding for the year’s planned activities.  We are supported by those that appreciate the effort we make to improve our community awareness of the Arts.  The Olive Branch Arts Council will continue to reach out and promote an appreciation of the arts throughout our community.