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The Painted Pigeon Art Gallery
9144 Pigeon Roost, Olive Branch

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Joanie Bergstrom is a Professor of Higher and Postsecondary Education and was a Curriculum Manager for business and IT courses until mid-2015 when she stopped working to fight (and win) a battle with cancer. Joanie has always had a passion for her community and has been an avid supporter of anything that brings people in the community together. With more time on her hands, Joanie decided to open her own business, the Center for Skills and Knowledge, to offer opportunities to do just that.

As a detail-focused person, Joanie is comfortable teaching courses on topics such as Excel, Critical Thinking, and Personal Financial Management, but when it comes to art she considers herself a student. Then again, Joanie has always had a great appreciation for the arts and considers it a great honor to be able to give her time and use her abilities to support the Art Council and the Olive Branch Community.