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Advertising and illustration in the medical field for most of her career, Robinson has finally broken free to pursue her art.  No more sitting in a dark corner staring at a computer screen.  Robinson now lives on a lake surrounded by trees, animals and creative inspiration.  Her paintings depict the fantasy world of Paris in the 20's and 30's.  She has collected vintage clothes and accessories and even classic automobiles for many years. Selections from her collection are often depicted in the paintings.  She has always been a lover of fashion and has allowed it to be an inspiration for many of her paintings.

In my teens, I excelled in art and attended a fashion illustration course at the Memphis Academy of Art.  My first jobs were as a fashion illustrator for Goldsmith’s and Gerber’s department stores of Memphis.  These were my favorite jobs, but the opportunites were very limited in Memphis.  So, I became a medical illustrator and advertising manager for various medical companies.  While attending a plastic surgery convention in LA,  I had the opportunity to observe the art opening of “The Vargas Legacy Nude Collection”.  Watercolors had always been my medium of choice and the finesse with which these were executed was overwhelming and inspiring.  A few years later, again in LA, I was influenced by another exhibit by the artist Olivia and this inspired me to continue the type of art I am currently rendering.

At one of my art shows, a African American woman asked me if I had paintings of women of color.  This inspired me to paint the “Blues Divas” collection.  These blues singers are a group of women woefully overlooked.  They all have a rich heritage and fascinating story to tell.  I have tried through my art to depict the strength and determination that has given these women their beauty and courage through rough times and good times.

My collection of dramatic paintings of women from the 20’s and 30’s are taken from actual photographs.  I bring them to life with splashes of color since most of the originals are in black and white.